Festival Time/Silent Night (vinyl 45, The Roots Band, Voice, 1977)

Smokin (vinyl LP, Pilot, 1981)

Mouth Full of Blues (vinyl EP, Pilot, 1982)

On Your Bond (with Jeff Hino, Nontrivial, 1996)

Can’t Get My Rest (with Jeff Hino, Nontrivial, 2002)

Early Years: Smokin/Mouth Full of Blues (Pilot, 2003)

CrazyMan (PlaehnTune, 2008)

Amos Got Soul (Pilot, 2013)

• The Roots Band - 1977 (Boat, 2014)

• Radio Sister (Pilot, 2014)

• Early Years II: Sketches & Demos (Pilot, 2016)

As a "sideman" (partial):

o Prisoners in Paradise, The Tony Brown Band (Mountain Railroad, 1981)

o Sleep Neat, Neal Gladstone (Kaleidoscope, 1988)

o American Dawg, Neal Gladstone (1990)

o Harare to Kisangani, Balafon (Shanachie, 1993)

o Mixed Company, Neal Galdstone & Co. (1993)

o Down The King’s Highway: Gospel, Blues & Bluegrass (w/ Creighton Lindsay, Time & Strike, 2001)

o SamplerVolume 2: Blues, Bluegrass & Old Time Music (w/ Creighton Lindsay, Time & Strike, 2002)

o Big Fish, Neal Galdstone (2003)

o Round By Round, Creighton Lindsay (Workbench, 2007)

o Garbardine, Creighton Lindsay (Workbench, 2013)

The Players